Metal Forming Virtual Simulation Lab - Feedback

Google Analytic Report for Metal Forming Virtual Simulation Lab
A) Name:     1. Audience Overview
B) College/Company with place:     2. Continent Report
C) Class with Semester / Designation:             3. Country Report
D) Email ID:     4. City Report

Please put forward your opinion by electing any one : Excellent  Very Good   Good  Fair  Poor
1) The objective of the metal forming processes are clearly defined.                   


2) The process simulations can be easily understood     
by the student.


3) The analysis of process was found to be easy.                   


4) The supporting literature / notes found to be helpful.                   


5) The student gets a feel for understanding the process simulation remotely.                         


6) The simulation process motivating enough.                   


7) The Web-interface is user friendly .                   


8) you were able to compare the process that was taught to you in the class.                   


9) Studying through virtual lab gives scope for more innovative and creative
research work?


10) Specify problems/difficulties you faced and Give interesting things
about the simulations.