The knuckle joint press is one of the form of the continuous forging presses. Here in this given video we can see that the screen is split into two parts the left side shows the various components of the knuckle joint press whereas the right side shows the working of the knuckle joint press. In the left side of the screen we can see the various components of the knuckle joint press, the components include the driving rotating shaft connected with link 1 (shown in the red colour), which is connected to another fully movable link 2 (shown in the green colour), and this link is connected to 3rd link (shown in the yellow colour) which is fixed at one of its end, this link is further connected with the 4th and final link (which is shown in the blue colour) whose another end is connected to the ram (also acting as a link) whose vertical motion is guided by the cylinder walls. In the right side of the screen we can see that how the kinematics of these inter-connected links look like while in motion. As the link number 1 is moved by the rotating shaft the link 2, link 3, and link 4 are also follow the motion within their prescribed path of motion as constrained by their linkage state. The link4 (blue one) gives the motion to the ram link which is moved to and fro into the cylinder and its motion is been guided by the cylinder walls. This type of forging technique is quite faster as comparison to other techniques in producing the components but with the drawback that it could not apply that much of the pressing force as compared to others.