The given video depicts the detailed parts description and working of a gravity drop hammer. On the left side of the screen we can visualize various components of the gravity drop hammer. It includes the upper die assembly consisting of the board which is connected to the ram where the upper die is mounted, the forging stock at the centre and finally the lower die mounted on the anvil. The rollers are placed in order to guide the long moving shaft connecting ram to move with the to and fro motion easily without getting buckled up. Whereas on the right hand of the screen we can visualise the kinematics of the upper die assembly which is moving in up and down directions repeatedly. Here the energy required for the deformation of the billet i.e. the strain energy is been supplied by the kinetic energy of the moving hammer which itself gets that energy due to its potential, by making the hammer to fall from the certain height. The effect of such a tremendous force of the upper die would be that, the billet will tend to deform rapidly with the decrease in its height and subsequent increase of the cross-sectional area at each stroke of the ram. The process is repeated till the desired shape is obtained.