In direct extrusion process, we use the forward extrusion process in which the ram is connected with the mandrel. The mandrel is the object which is used to shape the internal cavity of the final product formed through metal forming process. In this extrusion process we see that the workpiece moves along with the mandrel or the ram such that relative velocity between the deformed workpiece and the mandrel is zero finally until the required shape is produced. In the left side of the screen we can see that the various components of the direct extrusion process with the mandrel, the components includes the ram connected with mandrel, the container acting as guide to the ram motion, the workpiece which is to be deformed and the final shaped workpiece. The right side of the screen shows the working of such process. Here the ram connected with mandrel moves to and fro in the vertical direction all along the length of the container up until the final point of its stroke in the container. As the mandrel touches the workpiece in its axial point the workpiece starts to deform all along its length making the material to elongate longitudinally whereas it reduces in its cross-section, with its grains becoming smaller and smaller and also linearly arranged along its length thus increasing its longitudinal strength.