In direct extrusion process, we use the forward cold extrusion process for the production of the elongated final work-piece in its length whereas with decreased outer diameter. In this extrusion process we see that the work-piece moves along with the ram such that relative velocity between the deformed work-piece and the ram is zero finally until the required shape is produced. In the left side of the screen we can see that the various components of the direct extrusion process, the components includes the ram, the container, the work-piece which is to be deformed, the lower die and the final shaped work-piece. The right side of the screen shows the working of such process. Here the ram reciprocates to and fro in the vertical axial direction all along the length of the container up until the final point of its stroke in the container. As the work-piece is moved all along the tapered lower die, it gradually is been shaped in such a way that its length increases and in compensation its cross- sectional area to be reduced to the outer diameter equal to the internal diameter of the lower die.