Swaging is a process that is used to reduce or increase the diameter of tubes. A swaged piece created by placing the tube inside a die that applies compressive force by hammering radially. In this simulation, we will observe the way the billet is being shaped to the desired geometry with profiles on both internal and external surfaces.
Initially the four radial punches with certain profiles on each of them comes together with certain force and velocity; forcing the billet to shape itself along the profiles existing between the dies and mandrel. The bore diameter and thickness of the billet gets reduced as it has been compressed between the four sets of well profiled punches, in compensation with the increase in overall length (which we will observe at the end). As the billet is been deformed we can also see certain irregular deflections been observed on the positioning of the billet on the mandrel at it incoming end. This is due to the irregular bending been applied when they lack in some sort of irregularity on the synchronisation of all four punches. The final part produced by this method possess physical properties like decrease in outer diameter, decrease in thickness, increase in mechanical strength, etc.