Riveting is a popular method of fastening and joining because of its simplicity, dependability and low cost. In this case when we have split rivets been employed for riveting, we take care that only upper plate gets pierced whereas in the lower plate the rivets are partially penetrated along its thickness. This video shows the process of riveting by incorporating the split rivets for joining the two metallic plates together. The screen is been divided into four sections. On the top left side we have the assembled view of this process in motion which is depicting the kinematics of various parts involved. The punch whose motion is been guided by the guide, presses the rivet against the two plates, such that it completely pierces the upper one and gets penetrates to about half the length in lower one, taking a slight bend at its pointed edges at the end of its journey to the lower plate, in order to form a strong joint. The other three screen parts depicts the equilateral strains produced, under deformation.