In the given video of the simulation of orbital forming one can see the riveting process using orbital forming process. Orbital forming can also be used for fastening the plates with rivets. With orbital forming, the force required for riveting is very less. The upper die tool rotates at a fixed angle typically 3o to 6o and apply radial force and the lower die press the rivet axially. Orbital forming requires several tool revolutions and takes 1.5 to 6 sec to complete. Initially the rivet is placed in the hole provided between the plates. The material of the rivet is brass and temperature is 150oC. As the rivet is pressed by the lower die the upper die starts rotating and rocking about its vertical axis. As the process succeed, deformation occurs and finally the rivet tightly fasten the plates. The left hand side of the video shows the position of the upper die, rivet, plates and lower die. The right hand top side of the video shows the amount of strain generated in the rivet. Initially the strain in the rivet is zero. It increases with increases in the deformation. The right hand bottom side of the video shows the rivet and the plates initially and finally after the orbital forming of rivet.