In the given video one can see the hot orbital forming process. Orbital forming is a metal forming process in which the upper die moves in orbital path and form the part in continuous increments. Orbital forming uses a peen tool, mounted in a rotating spindle and inclined at a slight angle toward the centre of the spindle. The tool rotates at a fixed angle typically 3o to 6o and typically takes 1.5 to 6 sec to complete. In the given simulation video, the left hand side shows the position of the upper die, tube and lower die. The lower die moves in upward direction. The tube material is brass and its initial temperature in 350oC. As the process starts, lower die starts pressing the tube in upper direction and the upper die rocks and rolls to increase the internal diameter of tube. The right hand top side of the video shows the top view where the process of expansion of the diameter of tube is shown. The right hand bottom side shows the initial, intermediate and the final shape of the tube after completion of orbital forming process.