In the present simulation we try to demonstrate the applicability of top down grain refinement approach (severe plastic deformation process) in manufacturing these high strength artificial body implants. SPD has many techniques, among these techniques Equal Channel Angular pressing (ECAP) is one of the most successful technique because it is only known process which can be implemented at commercial level. Here in the present work we try to make an artificial elbow joint by using ECAP processed specimen. First a titanium alloy billet (25 mm diameter and 200 mm length) is processed through a ECAP die having intersection angle 1200 and outer arc angle 200 at room temperature. Now after that processed specimen is cut into the two parts (part (1), part (2)). Now transformed part 1 into part (3) and part (2) in part (3) by using forging operations (binding, die forging). Now take part (4) and convert it into part (6) using forging operation, Similarly take part (3) and convert it into part (5) using the same forging operation. Now here we can see the final elbow joint assembly and the exploded view as well. All process steps involved in artificial elbow joint manufacturing is shown here.