In the given simulation video one can see sheet hydroforming process. In sheet hydro forming process sheet is pressed inside the lower die with the application of fluid pressure and axial feed. At left hand side video one can see the arrangement of dies and sheet. The process assembly consists of piston, sheet and lower die. The hydraulic fluid is filled between the piston and sheet which is not shown in video. Due to symmetry of shape, only half in section is of die arrangement is shown in simulation for simplicity in calculation. The material of sheet is steel. The right hand top side of the video shows the strain generated inside the sheet during the process. The left side of the video shows scale where different colors depict different levels of strain. More strain depicts more deformation and more deformation gives more strength to the material. The right hand bottom side of the video shows the various stages of the sheet. Initially the sheet is flat, but with the progress of the process sheet gets deformed and attain the final shape.