The video shows the manufacturing of golf stick using metal forming techniques. A typical golf consist of shaft and loft without any seam with a handle for grip. A die for extrusion of shaft of golf stick is shown in grey. A sectioned view of the die shows the threaded portion for handle grip. In step one, a red billet is placed at the top of the cavity in green extrusion die. A yellow plunger presses the red billet shaft channel in extrusion die. It also has an accumulated portion for loft at the end of die. The billet progressing in the die can be seen and temperature of billet can be determined by the scale on left side. After extrusion, forging of loft is done to have different club heads. The dies shown in green and yellow can have different cavities depending upon the club. After forging with dies the final loft section is shown at end of the video.