This simulation depicts one of the type of defect which occurs during certain forging operations, called as Buckling defect. In this video, we could see that on the left side of the screen we have the set up of the general forging process, in which an upper die presses against the billet which is backed up by another lower die of the shape. As the billet is getting deformed, one can see that in the middle section of it where the billet becomes very narrow in shape, there the unusual buckling and overlapping of billet material into one another takes place. This causes the final formed product to have reduced strength as well as irregular surface accuracy to be created, which is highly undesirable. The top right side shows this defect in more magnified manner. The lower right side of screen shows the graph between Force acting on die versus the time. It depicts the amount of force increasing with the action of pressing the upper die on the billet, at point where billet is deformed to its end form, then this force gets tremendously increased.